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Architektura krajobrazu

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1000x Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is considered to be one of the most important disciplines in designing living spaces...

ISBN: 978-3-938780-60-2

1000x Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is considered to be one of the most important disciplines in designing living spaces

ISBN: 978-3-938780-60-2

European Landscape Architecture: Best Practice in Detailing

Drawing together case studies from all over Europe, this text explores the relationship between the overall idea of the landscape architecture for a site and the design of details.

ISBN: 978-0-415-30736-9

Fieldwork: Landscape Architecture Europe

Europeans today no longer develop their cities on virgin land, but on former agricultural land. The European answer to the how of the progressive urbanization of the landscape is therefore: we work in and with the field.

ISBN: 978-3-7643-7508-9

Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition

In Gardens he describes modestly as an essay, but it does have, or at least suggests, the same kind of pervasive presence of an underlying human impulse in our relation to the world around us.

ISBN: 978-0-226-31789-2

Grasses: Versatile Partners for Uncommon Garden Design

" of the year's best new garden guides." -Country Living Gardener

ISBN: 978-1-58017-423-7

In the Garden with Jane Austen

Jane Austen's natural world--real and fictional--comes to life in this colorful, illustrated stroll through the gardens, parks and great estates of Regency England.

ISBN: 978-0-9790475-1-0

Landscape Design

Depicts seven of the most representative works of Ryoko Ueyama, Japan's pioneering landscape designer.

ISBN: 978-4-568-60037-7

Listening to Stone

In his highly anticipated second book, Vermonter Dan Snow once again proves that he is not just one of America's premier artisans, but also one of our most articulate voices on the natural world and our relationship to it.

ISBN: 978-1-57965-371-2

Luxury Private Gardens

A compendium of the best gardens around the world that showcases an infinite variety of landscapes in a variety of climates. an ideal gift for gardening enthusiasts.

ISBN: 978-3-8327-9226-8
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Barcelona is going through a moment of housing emergency where 40% of the purchases of flats are made only to invest and the increase of tourist apartments exponentially increases the price of rent... więcej



It proposes to design the space called THE TERRACE OF THE ACRÓPOLIS which is to be built not far from the ancient temples to offer a privileged archeological point of view. więcej

Re: Usługi sprzątające


Jesli masz w firmie duza powierzchnię do sprzatania to opłaca się korzystac z takich usług. zostawiam CI namiary na firmę Clar System
Zajmują się usługami porzadkowymi,... więcej

Re: Stylowe biuro


Niezła ta oferta z tym stylowym biurem, super się prezentuje. Mega opcje daliście, dzięki za porady !
--- więcej

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