Urban Spaces: Squares & Plazas

ISBN: 978-84-96424-72-2
Rok wydania: 2007
Wydawnictwo: Links International
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Liczba stron: 180
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A stone-garden fountain where children are invited to play...a striking landscape created by the "flying floors" of an the midst of the most crowded, most intense cities and buildings, open spaces provide visual and emotional relief. Twenty exciting examples of the best in urban design, each thoroughly illustrated and documented, make Urban Spaces: Plazas and Squares an invaluable resource for architects, urban planners, and students seeking out the latest trends in public space design. * Exciting projects by top design firms from around the world

* Innovative, unusual, unexpected projects

About the Author
Dimitris Kottas, the author of A Visual Dictionary of Architecture and Construction and The Architect’s Handbook, lives in Berlin.

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