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150 Best Bathroom Ideas

ISBN: 978-0-06-149362-1
Rok wydania: 2009
Wydawnictwo: Collins Design
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 600
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Product Description

Showcasing an extensive collection of full-color photographs, 150 Best Bathroom Ideas provides an in-depth review of exemplary bathroom designs created by internationally renowned architects and designers who have achieved innovative and stunning solutions adapted to the specific needs and tastes of their clients. Included here are the most attractive, functional, and cost-effective bathroom designs from around the world, all approached in a practical and artful manner. These beautiful pages explore the most attractive and reliable materials, lighting, floor, wall, and window treatments, along with a wealth of ideas for the shower, toilet, sink, and bathtub.


An essential reference, and the latest in the popular and inspirational 150 Best series, this lush volume covers the diversity of current trends and is a wonderful source ideas for the homeowner, designer, interior decorator, and architect.


About the Author

Daniela Santos Quartino is a freelance journalist and an architecture and interior design editor at Loft Publications.


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