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Czerwiec 10, 2024

5th International Nurten Aksugür Best Concept Communication Student Competition

Data końca rejestracji: 12/07/2024
Termin składania prac: 12/07/2024
Data zakończenia: 09/10/2024
Kraj: Turcja

Nurten Aksugür Best Concept Communication (BCC) is a competition designed for all Interior Architecture students around the world. Its aim is to support the students studying in the field of Interior Architecture to focus on critical, creative and original thinking; to provide motivation and support for them to understand the importance of the conceptual dimension of the design, to communicate with the help of various individual presentation methods and to share their thoughts.

This competition is organized by Eastern Mediterranean University Department of Interior Architecture and sponsored by the Aksugür family.

Who Can Enter?

All students and graduates (individually or as a group) can enter this competition with the projects they have produced in the design studio or other design related courses during their undergraduate studies in department of Interior Architecture/ Interior Design/or Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in the given period. 


Any type of work that is related to students' half-term projects (in design or design-related courses) starting from the 2021–2022 academic year and that is able to express “this is my concept communication"; an essay, poster, short film, photography, sketchbook, or any other relevant media is eligible. 


Competitors are required to fill in the requested information on the website, choose an ID code consisting of two letters and 4 numbers for themselves, and use this ID code instead of name and other information in their submitted works. Using any name or information indicating the identity of the competitor in work other than ID code may result in disqualification.

You can participate in the competition with works in various formats (film, poster, text, stop motion, etc.). However, it is important to make sure that the total file size of the project does not exceed 200MB. In addition, quality should be 150 - 300 DPI for posters and 720p for videos. In addition, it is recommended that video duration should not exceed 3 minutes.

Since the purpose of this competition is to evaluate concept communication design, not design projects, you do not need to submit your entire project to the competition. However, a poster (in A3 format, landscape, PDF) is also expected from you as well as your concept communication works, giving information about the course you have made your design in and how the concept you created reflects on the design project.

Dodano: 10/06/2024


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