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Lipiec 10, 2024

Transformation of blind walls in Barcelona - International Ideas Competition for young architects

Data końca rejestracji: 05/08/2024
Termin składania prac: 05/08/2024
Data zakończenia: 25/11/2024
Miasto: Barcelona
Kraj: Hiszpania

Blind walls are anonymous walls that divide properties. Although they play no role in the building’s external appearance, they can end up being exposed to public view in a permanent provisional state because of urban planning changes. When this happens, it creates a discontinuity in the landscape, a rupture in the urban fabric, which can cause serious structural and habitability problems for the affected and neighbouring buildings and they have a marked visual impact on the public space. 

Twenty-five years ago, with the aim of eliminating these urban discontinuities and creating new façades that are integrated into the urban landscape, the Programme for the Remodelling of Blind Walls in the city of Barcelona was launched.  

Citizens can apply for subsidies to improve these blind walls and, as a result, enhance the thermal insulation of the building. Alternatively, they can use the funds to create new openings to make their homes more comfortable, among other interventions.

Architects who do not know the usual party wall programme organised by the IMPU and who wish to participate beyond the International Ideas Competition can use the link to the website to obtain more information.


The contestants will have to propose ideas for the intervention on the blind walls established according to the chosen location. These proposals will have to follow a series of requirements, some of them common to all of them and others specific to each one.

According to its typological characteristics, environment, urban conditions, orientation, etc. different requirements are raised for each location. The requirements to which the proposal must respond are reflected in the Summary Sheet for each location. These requirements can be found in the brief rules. 

See the brief rules

The competition's main goals

As part of Barcelona’s nomination as the World Capital of Architecture 2026 by UNESCO-UIA, Fundació Mies van der Rohe – Barcelona City Council have launched this international competition of ideas to remodel 10 permanent blind walls, spread across the city’s 10 districts, aiming to leave a lasting legacy in Barcelona, and is calling on the world community of young architects to participate.

The competition's Jury will select for each of the locations a winning proposal from among those presented in that location, and a second and third prize.

The winning proposals will be implemented whenever possible for their inauguration in 2026 as part of the programme of activities of the World Capital of Architecture and as a legacy of enduring material of Barcelona as the 2026 World Architecture Capital UNESCO-UIA.

There are 3 prizes for each of the 10 locations.

Up to three honourable mentions with no monetary prize may be awarded for each site, to be
decided by the Jury

The winning proposals will be implemented whenever possible for their inauguration in 2026 as part of the programme of activities of the world capital of architecture and as a legacy of enduring material of Barcelona as the 2026 World Architecture Capital UNESCO-UIA.


Dodano: 10/07/2024


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