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Styczeń 3, 2022


Data końca rejestracji: 22/01/2022
Termin składania prac: 22/01/2022
Kraj: Włochy


RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC, the international project founded and curated by Rossana Orlandi and Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni, wants to engage the Designer and Creatives Communities to give new life to Plastic Waste and all others kind of Waste, by exploring their endless possibilities of transformation. 

The Ro Plastic Prize is the international Award of RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC and aims to involve an increasingly broad public challenging worldwide communities of designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, startuppers, changemakers, creators, scientists, researchers, developers and communication experts who are passionate about creating extraordinary impact by proposing solving projects in the field of re-Waste.

If you want to test yourselves, use your talents to take part in this challenge applying with practical projects with an additional value for contributing to an effective solution for our environmental impact, chancing the way of approaching and managing the theme of the re-Waste.


For the 2022 edition, the Ro Plastic Prize identifies three new categories representing common high priority nodus on Plastic Waste and all-kind of Waste, asking important involvement on technological and innovative solutions.

An international jury of professionals and experts will select the winners among the finalists, one for each category, who will receive a prize of 10.000€.

Applicants are invited to propose solutions to one or more of the categories and they can apply with projects already existing and/or submitted to other competitions.

Participation to the Award, free of charge, is open to all ages, single or team, from any country or jurisdiction.

Parental consent is required for any participant younger than 18 years of age at the time of the registration.

Details: https://www.guiltlessplastic.com/ro-plastic-prize-2022/
Dodano: 03/01/2022, Zmodyfikowano: 03/01/2022


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