Konkursy architektoniczne

Lipiec 6, 2021


Data końca rejestracji: 22/09/2021
Termin składania prac: 22/09/2021
Data zakończenia: 14/10/2021
Miasto: Bamako
Kraj: Mali

Africa has the fastest urban growth in the world. The continent’s population is projected to double between now and 2050. Two-thirds ofthis growth will be absorbed by urban areas and, in the next 30 years, cities will be home to an additional 950 million people. This offers great opportunities, but alsochallenges for African citizens, businesses,governments and their partners.

Among these cities we can find Bamako, the capital of Mali. Considering the projected population growth, many of the current 2.6 million residents will live to see the population
surpass 13 million by 2050. Having that in mind, a good urban school system is fundamental to provide education to the millions of children that will be living in the city in a few years. Especially in a context where almost 50% of kids drop out of school and don’t even complete primary education.

To achieve that goal, Archstorming is partnering up with Enko Education. A network of African schools with presence in 9 countries that provides education to more than 3.200 kids. They are building a new school in Bamako for 550 students and are looking for innovative designs and ideas. The winner proposal of the competition will be built. Do you accept the challenge?


Enko Education is a fast-growing network of African international schools, increasing access to the world’s best universities for learners across Africa. Their innovative model allows kids to pursue an international education, since Enko helps them selecting the right universities and securing both admission and financing for their future studies. This model has shown impressive results so far, with learners joining top universities like Yale (USA), Sciences PO (France), University of Toronto (Canada) or the African Leadership University in Rwanda.

Enko is currently present in 9 African countries: Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa and Zambia. They have a total of 15 schools and aims to open 45 more in at least 20 African countries over the next five years.

In order to do so, they are looking for an innovative architectural design that will be used in their expansion across the continent, solving their school infrastructure challenges. They will start with a new school in Bamako, Mali, where they are stablished since 2018. Since then, they have grown so much that they are building a new school that will have a capacity of 550 students.


Archstorming is looking for designs for a new Enko school that will be built in Bamako, Mali. We are seeking for an innovative project that can become Enko’s distinctive image. An architectural concept that can be used not only in this project, but also in their future developments across Africa.

The main challenges of this new school inBamako will be:
 Function: the new school will serve 550 students. Through architecture participants will have to make sure that Enko’s values are well represented: Care, Pathmaking,
Commitment and Team Spirit.
Materials and construction techniques they have to be realistic and respectful with the surrounding buildings and what’s currently being used in the area.
Safety: prioritize the factors of safety of people and safety of the buildings.
Sustainability: we are looking for an environmentally conscious project in terms of materials and energetic efficiency.
 Adaptability: provide in the building’s future development a logic growth plan to allow more students.

  • 1st place - 6.000€ + Project Construction
  • 2nd place - 2.000€
  • 3rd place - 1.000€
  • 2x Special Honorable Mention - 500€
  • 10x Honorable Mentions
  • June 24, 2021 – July 28, 2021: Early Registration Period
  • July 29, 2021 – August 25, 2021: Regular Registration Period
  • August 26, 2021 – September 22, 2021: Advanced Registration Period
  • September 22, 2021: Submission Deadline
  • October 14, 2021: Winners Announced


Here's a trailer video of the competition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biJjy07gIjQ

Dodano: 06/07/2021, Zmodyfikowano: 06/07/2021


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