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Luty 15, 2021

CPDI Africa Heritage Architecture Competition 2021

Data końca rejestracji: 01/04/2021
Termin składania prac: 31/08/2021
Kraj: Afryka

The CPDI Africa 2021 competition calls for design entries of prototypes for a contemporary Cultural Center inspired by architecture of the African Diaspora.To design prototypes of African centered or inspired architecture that reflects the culture, aesthetics and sustainability for community design and development in today’s Africa, research must accompany the design. The links between research and design are achieved in three categories:

    • Culture-Lifestyle (floor plan & functionality)
    • Aesthetics (finishing & furnishing)
    • Sustainability (materials, climate & cost)

Participants of the CPDI Africa design competition must first conduct research into the traditional architecture of their selected ethnic groups to understand the impact of climate, lifestyle, social norms, cultural philosophies and spiritual beliefs on space utilization and location within the community. Sources for research are available on our links:

Research Sites

    • https://cpdiafrica.com/architects-to-follow/
    • https://digitalcommons.kennesaw.edu/atl/
    • https://cpdiafrica.blogspot.com/
    • https://www.cpdiafrica.org/

Participants must explore the aesthetics and artistic languages of their selected ethnic groups or African regions to gain inspiration from their decorative and symbolic patterns, motifs, textures, colours, forms and finishes.Participants must also understand the use of particular materials and building techniques, paying special attention to sustainability, availability and affordability of local materials in their selected African region. It is critical to utilize such materials and techniques in a way that proves their relevance in a contemporary built environment for Africa.Participants are encouraged to acquire additional inspiration from the evolution of other African arts, such as music, fashion, visual arts, cuisine, film and theater, for more intricate expressions of African creativity, but most importantly how African life is lived. It is the architectural translation of these elements of daily life that will strengthen your design concept. Finally, participants must harmonize their research findings to develop their designs according to the CPDI Africa 2021 design brief. Through this process, collaborating architects, artists, designers and allied built environment professionals will create stimulating and successful design prototypes for a culturally appropriate and sustainable Cultural Center for Africa and the Diaspora.

Dodano: 15/02/2021


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