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Czerwiec 13, 2022


Data końca rejestracji: 29/07/2022
Termin składania prac: 05/08/2022
Miasto: konkurs międzynarodowy
Home is a domain that is intimate to all. For generations the core concept of a home has stayed the same however has been gradually moving far away from just being a humble shelter. A personalized space that not only protects us from the elements of nature but also from manmade threats. A space that evokes emotions of feeling protected, comforted, warmth, pleasure, nurtured, loved, and many more amongst its.

Being central to one’s everyday functions, needs and future desires of an individual this archetype has much iteration across the globe owing to factors like geography, climatic conditions, user group, profession, availability of material and labor. Home typologies range from simpler forms such as cabins, igloos and tents to 21st century experimental habitats such as smart homes, floating homes, inflatable homes and the list just keeps going on.

Architecture developed amidst nature represents a certain kind of poetic exploration coupled with a renewed perspective on a human scale. In this way the association between man to nature and of architecture to landscape tends to evolve from time to time. Currently the architecture we experience in our surrounding landscape is a product of the relationship developed between humans and nature. More than ever there is an awareness created towards landscape being a precious inheritance, one that can be preserved and enhanced by architecture so as to pass it on to future generations.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. Frank Lloyd Wright (American architect)

Volume Zero invites you to imagine a way of living in the lap of nature. Participants are to design a House for 4 people that would provide a comfortable living accommodation that is a unique way of experiencing the surrounding.
The design and concept of the house should be innovative, creative sustainable and an off-the-grid solution with minimal impact on the environment. We encourage participants to visualize a completely off-the-grid solution incorporating smart technologies that promoting sustainability and synchronize with the environment.
The House would be a self-sufficient dwelling habitat for 4 individuals and the area of the proposal should not exceed 450 sq. ft. built up. Proposals may consider spatial flexibility as a vital aspect of all the designs fulfilling all the needs of their users.
The proposed design may also consider modern technological advancements in architecture to make the house adaptive to its surroundings, making it a comfortable home by eliminating any type of hazards. Participants can decide the nature of the house as per the context it sits in.

Dodano: 13/06/2022


How to interpret the “STORM HOUSE” is up to each person.
Czerwiec 20, 2022
Volume Zero invites you to imagine a way of living in the lap of nature. Participants are to design a House for 4 people that would provide a comfortable living accommodation that is a unique way o...
Czerwiec 13, 2022

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