Konkursy architektoniczne

Grudzień 6, 2021


Data końca rejestracji: 22/01/2022
Termin składania prac: 05/02/2022
Data zakończenia: 15/04/2022
Kraj: Portugalia

This international one-stage architecture ideas competition invites all architecture students, young architects and young professionals with a degree in architecture studies (≤ 40 years old) to develop and submit compelling ideas for the design of a Site Bathhouse located at the Milreu Fortress, in Ericeira, Portugal.

The Milreu Fortress is a historical landmark located within a remarkable place, a powerful natural scenery where the remains of the Fortress together with the steep cliffs and the immensity of the Atlantic ocean are prominent features within this setting.

When generating a vision for an intervention located within such a remarkable place, it is essential that each design proposal emphasises, respects and celebrates the site and existing ruins, while provide a unique and memorable experience.


The Site Bathhouse is an introspective, fully immersive embodied sensory experience of water, light, scents, sound and temperature, where the arrival, movement, acclimation and relaxation create an intimate and unified relationship between place, body and matter in architecture.


Entrance *
Provide a space of transition between the natural landscape and the interior where visitors are welcomed before entering the Site Bathhouse.

Changing room(s) *
Provide a dressing area with two different accesses for men and women.

Laundry *
Provide an area for cleaning towels and storage.

Restrooms *
Provide restrooms next to the changing room(s).

Showers *
Provide showers for visitors to use before / after going to the bathing spaces.

Cold bath 14.o C *
Provide a space for a cold plunge bath. From this space, the visitors will enter into the ‘warm room’ before entering the ‘hot bath’.

Warm room 35.o C *
Provide a dry room heated with warm air to sit and prepare the body before entering into the ‘hot bath’. The ‘warm room’ should be situated between the ‘cold bath’ and the ‘hot bath’.

Hot bath 42.o C *
Provide a space for a hot water plunge bath where visitors experience a deep feeling of relaxation.

* Areas to be determined by each participant’s design proposal.

Total area of the Site Bathhouse to be determined by each participant’s proposal.

More: https://www.arkxsite.com/

Dodano: 06/12/2021


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