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Grudzień 21, 2018

The SKYHIVE 2019 Skyscraper Challenge

Data końca rejestracji: 07/05/2019
Termin składania prac: 20/06/2019
Data zakończenia: 01/08/2019
Miasto: konkurs międzynarodowy

The SKYHIVE 2019 Skyscraper Challenge is the second annual architecture competition which searches out the latest and greatest designs for an iconic high rise structure. Participants of the SKYHIVE Challenge are tasked with creating a concept for a state-of-the-art tower that breaks the norm.

Participants are encouraged to incorporate new technologies and materials in their designs, as well as unique aesthetics and spatial organisations. Special consideration is also given to designs that implement innovations in sustainable systems, as well as those that look to solve economic, social, and cultural problems through the establishment of new architectural methods.

The annual SKYHIVE Challenge is a platform to examine the relationship between skyscrapers and the natural world, the community, and the city as a whole. It is important that designs show consideration for the impact on the surrounding environment, as well as how the increase in inhabitants will affect the current infrastructure, pollution levels, economic division, and urban sprawl.

Competition participants are allowed to interpret the competition brief however they choose, in the most creative way possible. The SKYHIVE Challenge is a chance for architecture enthusiasts to potentially rewrite the definition of the modern-day skyscraper.
Competition is open to all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum). Correspondence with organizers must be conducted in English; All information submitted by participants must be in English.

Download full competition brief for more information: https://skyhive2019.beebreeders.com/

Dodano: 21/12/2018


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