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Styczeń 14, 2021


Data rozpoczęcia: 01/01/2021
Data końca rejestracji: 09/04/2021
Termin składania prac: 09/04/2021
Data zakończenia: 25/04/2021
Miasto: Belgia
Kraj: Bruksela

Startfortalents.net, platform for recearch of architecture propose #BrusselsCall, a contest aimed at the design of a Cultural Center in the ancient heart of the Belgian capital.

Brussels is the political seat of Europe: its houses buildings of high institutional value reaffirm the vocation of intermediary of the city. The Grand Place, a UNESCO heritage site, is bordered by the classical style buildings that make up the wings and once the seat of the guild of trades. The Design Museum or the extension of the Europa Building project into the new millennium a city that has always believed in the mixture of cultures. Brussels is therefore a hub in which to bring together cultures from all over Europe; the Arts House will be a place where exhibitions, workshops and workshops will become an opportunity for meeting and debate. The building will become a recognizable icon on an urban scale, allowing the new avant-gardes to fuel the driving forces that have always been typical of the Belgian city.


Anyone can participate, without limits of age or country, either individually or in group. You cannot take part in the contest with more than one project.


Cultural Center for international artists.


  • SPECIAL ENTRY: 07 th of January – 31th of January the fee is of 15,00 euro for single participant and of 20,00 euro for team.
  • ORDINARY ENTRY: 01st of February – 21th of March the fee is of 20,00 euro for single participant and of 30,00 euro for team.
  • FINAL ENTRY: 22th of March  – 09th of April the fee is of 25,00 euro for single participant and of 40,00 euro for team.


  • One A0 panel and the project report no later than the date of 09th of April 2021 (deadline 23:59 Brussels timetable). The works might be send in digital format to the mail: [email protected]


The announcement of the winners will take place on the association’s portal no later than 25th of April 2021. The first three works will be worthy as well as any other projects for which merit mentions are not excluded.

# The prize is of 1000,00 euros (exluding VAT).

# The winners and the aforementioned are guaranteed lifetime participation in all our future competitions and will be present on our portal.

Dodano: 14/01/2021


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