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Marzec 15, 2023

UIA Gold Medal and the five UIA prizes

Data końca rejestracji: 17/04/2023
Termin składania prac: 17/04/2023
Data zakończenia: 09/05/2023

The UIA Member Sections are invited to submit nominations for the UIA Gold Medal and the five UIA prizes. The winners will be announced during the UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen. The UIA Gold Medal is the most prestigious prize for an architect, attributed by architects.

The five UIA prizes recognise excellence in five specific architectural domains: urban planning, innovation, teaching, improving habitats and community structures as well as solutions to aide the world’s most impoverished populations.These international prizes demonstrate the UIA’s values: professionalism, cultural diversity, independence and integrity.

  • The Patrick Abercrombie Prize for Urban Planning and Design
  • The Auguste Perret Prize for Technology in Architecture
  • The Jean Tschumi Prize for Architectural Writing
  • The Robert Matthew Prize for Sustainable and Humane Environments
  • The Vassilis Sgoutas Prize for Implemented Architecture Serving the Impoverished

These five prizes are named for the past Presidents of the UIA whose fame was founded on their ethics as well as on their mastery of their particular discipline.


Nominees for the UIA Gold Medal and the UIA Prizes may include any architect, firm, group of architects or collective entity comprising architects. Only Member Sections and elected representatives of the UIA may submit nominations.


Member Sections and elected UIA officials may submit nominations for the Gold Medal and Prizes only in digital form on the UIA online platform.


Nomination materials must be in one of the two UIA working languages, French or English.


Chaired by UIA President José Luis Cortés, the international jury will be composed of members of the UIA Bureau. Chinese architect, Li Xiaodong, will join the jury to evaluate the submissions for the UIA Gold Medal. For each prize, the jury will be joined by one of the laureates of previous editions:

  • Jan Gehl (Denmark), 1993 laureate of the Patrick Abercrombie Prize for Urban Planning and Design
  • Anupama Kundoo (India), 2021 laureate of the Auguste Perret Prize for Technology in Architecture
  • Ashraf Salama (Egypt), 2017 laureate of the Jean Tschumi Prize for Architectural Writing
  • Carin Smuts (South Africa), 2017 laureate of the Robert Matthew Prize for Sustainable and Humane Environments
  • Nadia Tromp (South Africa), 2021 laureate of the Vassilis Sgoutas Prize for Implemented Architecture Serving the Impoverished
  • Launch: 28 February 2023
  • Deadline for submissions: 17 April 2023 (18:00 Paris time)
  • Jury meeting: 27-28 April 2023
  • Announcement of laureates: 9 May 2023
  • Award ceremony: 2-6 July 2023 at the UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Dodano: 15/03/2023


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