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Luxury Stores Top of the World

Each can be considered a pinnacle of the shopping experience.

ISBN: 978-3-8327-9299-2

Materials for Design

Offers a well-illustrated compendium of the experimental leading edge... it should provide inspiration for anyone interested in contemporary building. -- Azure, Oct. 2006

ISBN: 978-1-56898-558-9

Materials for Interior Environments

There are thousands of products available for use in interior environments, every one with its assets and disadvantages.

ISBN: 978-0-470-11428-5

Michael Taylor: Interior Design

One of the most innovative, imitated, and internationally respected design icons of the twentieth century, Michael Taylor brought with him a new vision that changed California's, and the profession's, approach to interiors.

ISBN: 978-0-393-73235-1

Minimal Living

Autor: Wim Pauwels

Twenty contemporary houses and interiors in a minimalist style.

ISBN: 978-90-77213-92-6

New Stone Architecture

Here's the guide architects and building professionals need to meet the exploding demand for using stone in contemporary architecture and understand why stone is an attractive and practical option for new construction.

ISBN: 978-0-07-141831-7

Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture


The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture is a comprehensive portrayal of the finest built architecture from around the world completed since the year 2000. Divided into six world regions, the Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture provides an important overview of global and local trends in architecture for a wide range of users.

ISBN: 978-0-7148-4874-7

Professional Practice for Interior Designers

The text of choice for professional interior design practice -- now with companion CD-ROM!

ISBN: 978-0-471-76086-3

Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces

Residential Interior Design teaches the fundamental skills needed to plan interior spaces for all types of homes, in all decorative styles, from remodeling to new construction. Taking a step-by-step approach, this valuable primer reviews all aspects of interior architecture as it relates to human factors and daily use.

ISBN: 978-0-471-68473-2

Spa: The Sensuous Experience

Spa: The Sensuous Experience provides a timely exploration of 50 of the very best spas, from more recent examples to traditional destinations that have become icons in the spa world.

ISBN: 978-1-920744-40-3
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