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Marzec 14, 2023

European Award AHI –Architectural Heritage Intervention

Termin składania prac: 30/03/2023

The 6th edition of the European Award AHI –Architectural Heritage Intervention, a biennial contest organized with the COAC (Architects' Association of Catalonia), the purpose of which is to distinguish quality interventions in heritage and contribute to their dissemination, will remain open until March 30th, 2023 at 24:00 (GMT +1).

Who can participate?

The European Award AHI is aimed at all those professionals, associations and administrations linked to architectural heritage, such as: architects, architectural firms, town planners, historians, archaeologists..., whose works have been conducted in the European geographical Area.

The following groups of people may not enter the contest: Any member of the COAC board, any jury member, or the members of the management team of the Award; as well as employees, collaborators or their associates or those related to them (until second degree of consanguinity and second of affinity).


The call is divided into four categories:

Built heritage

Aimed at all those architectural interventions, ephemeral or permanent, in buildings, at any scale. Interventions are mainly considered in protected buildings and groups of buildings, but may also involve all those interventions of culturally specific interest which have no protection, but are embedded in an urban or naturally protected space and help to define its historic character.

Exterior spaces

Aimed at all those interventions intended to propose solutions to the historic public space, understood as a space facilitating the social and economic
relations that exist in historic centres. Those spaces that are declared monumental groups of buildings are also included, as are those that constitute the origin of villages, towns and cities. Interventions in the area of monuments and cultural landscapes are also accepted.

Urban planning

Aimed at all those Special Plans for heritage protection, catalogues, inventories, or other planning instruments, involving the protection, conservation and
enhancement of architectural heritage. General planning documents, those documents derived from planning, etc., are also included, as well as those at local level that are aimed at the protection of architectural heritage.


Aimed at all those initiatives and actions which are mainly concerned with the dissemination of architectural heritage values, not only among professionals and technicians in the industry, but in society in general. Publications, articles, audiovisual accounts, presentations, events and all kinds of activities related to the promotion and appreciation of this heritage are also accepted.https://eu-architecturalheritage.org/en/european-award/rules

Dodano: 14/03/2023


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