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Czerwiec 17, 2024

ISARCH Award 2024

Data końca rejestracji: 31/08/2024
Termin składania prac: 31/08/2024
Data zakończenia: 01/12/2024
Kraj: Nagroda międzynarodowa

The mission of ISARCH Award is to embolden quality multidisciplinary design and art disciplines internationally. Finding inspiration in architecture, product, graphic, digital, fashion and art, the ISARCH awards encourages global participation from innovative architects, designers and artists across continents.

The winners of this prestigious award will be chosen by a jury of acclaimed professionals – earning them not only recognition but also an iconic trophy and worldwide acknowledgment for their masterful creations.

The ISARCH Awards was established in 2001 and is annually conferred by the ISARCH International organization.

The awards across multidisciplinary design and art disciplines, has more than 10,000 entries from around 65 countries from all over the world.
The ISARCH Awards are international awards targeting profession design firms and talent students of any design fields. Our aim is to provide a platform for debate surrounding the architecture and design solutions from global companies and universities.

The competition aims to boost avant-garde trends and to recognize new research that emerges from industry. A further objective of the ISARCH Awards is to encourage young architects and designers to join the debate on any design fields, contributing with their unique vision and opinions. The philosophy behind the ISARCH Awards is to support the creativity of young and emerging talent and to boost debate between the various professional and students that take part in this initiative.

The goal of the ISARCH Awards is to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the most prominent architects, designers and artists in the world. It also aims to shine a light on the innovators who create their works that are both functionality and aesthetics. In 2023, we have created six diverse categories:

Architecture, Product, Graphic, Fashion, Digital and Art. We welcome the best creators from all over the world to participate. Celebrate their remarkable success!


Dodano: 17/06/2024


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