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Maj 25, 2023

The 5th edition of the Design Contest IDEASxWOOD 2022/2023

Data końca rejestracji: 10/06/2023
Termin składania prac: 10/06/2023
Kraj: Włochy

TABU Spa, located in Cantù, reference company at international level in the dyeing of natural wood and technology of multilaminar wood, organizes and promotes the 5th  edition of the Design Contest IDEASxWOOD 2022/2023, aimed at the design of geometric, organic or combined decorations according to one of the following methods:

  1. multilaminar wood veneers (650 x 3100 mm) for the furniture industry and the wall coverings for interiors;
  2. industrial inlays both on dyed natural veneers and on multilaminar wood veneers – or freely assemblable – for the production of panels (1260 x 3060 mm, ex. Burls and Graffiti Collection by Tabu), for the furniture industry and the wall coverings for interiors;
  3. three-dimensional surfaces made with the technique of the embossed relief or the bas-relief for the production of panels (1250 x 2500/3000 mm, ex. Groovy Collection by Tabu) for the furniture industry and the wall coverings for interiors;
  4. surfaces for state-of-the-art boiserie carried out in sheets (60 x 3000 mm, ex. SKEENS Collection by Tabu Boiserie).
  5. wooden floors, carried out in slats or with other free geometric shapes.

It is possible to indicate for each idea one or more project areas such as, for example, Residential, Yacht, Ho.re.Ca. (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café), Wellness, Retail, Mobility.

The submitted solutions shall be original. Furthermore, they shall be aimed at enhancing the company’s work. The aesthetic quality of the presentation and considerations about the technical feasibility of the project will be positively evaluated. The indication of at least one wood species/veneer certified as per the FSC® list (see link to the document) and the attention to the re-use of the wood and to the optimization of its use in the production processes will also be positively evaluated.

Details: https://ideasxwood.it/en/competition-notice/

Dodano: 25/05/2023


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