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Data końca rejestracji: 03/09/2018
Termin składania prac: 03/09/2018


The ice shelf or sea in the Arctic region is crucial in maintaining the global climate due to its reflectivity. The melting of this ice can also increase global
warming due to positive feedback effects, where warming generates more heat as solar absorption increases. The loss of this layer of ice can represent a turning point in global warming, when the ‘decontrol’ of climate change starts.

The Arctic Thaw

So far, scientific analysis has not detected that the Arctic Ocean has never been seasonally thawed for the last 700,000 years, despite warmer periods, and scientists continue to study the causes and consequences of altered atmospheric circulation. Arctic ocean warming or the alteration of the marine current as the Gulf Stream The intergovernmental group of experts on climate change (IPCC) reported:

“Arctic warming, indicated as maximum and minimum daily temperatures, has been equivalent to that of any other part of the world.” As the ice surface is reduced, the albedo effect decreases and reflects less solar energy to space, therefore, the reduction will be accelerated.


We can not be pretentious and think that a single device that we build will be the one that changes the dynamics of an entire planet, but it is true that a place where IN SITU is investigated the causes, effects and, ultimately, how fast it is affecting therefore make REPEAT in our way of life as a society. That is why the approach of the contest is to create an advanced position in research. A research center for two people where they can collect samples, study the air, the submarine current, the air quality, ...

The interior should be conceived as a minimum research station which is respectful of the environment, eco-sustainable, self-sufficient and comfortable. Bearing in mind that they must develop at least the following spaces:

  • 1 room with two single beds
  • 1 study area and sample analysis
  • 1 Observation platform
  • 1 bathroom
  • 1 Warehouse

The square meters of said spaces will be decided by each individual person. There is no specific situation in the Arctic. This program is indicative and therefore can be modified by the participant. That is why you can expand the number of stays as considered while it is fully justified in the proposal. The design freedom is absolute and the intervention surface is free, this contest suggests that the participant investigate the forms of intervention in a singular landscape. Study limits, the horizon, scales, views, access, materiality are the keys to follow. It will be positively valued to investigate the sustainability techniques that make the research station self-sufficient in its entirety.
* Being a contest of ideas, participants are free to modify the proposed surfaces. This report should be taken as a reference of the spaces necessary for the project to be functional and as a measure of the total dimensions of the project. Participants can suggest new areas not proposed in this document, as well as eliminate or combine some of those already mentioned.


Dodano: 08/07/2018




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