Konkursy architektoniczne

Kwiecień 28, 2022

Silos Buenos Aires Competition

Data końca rejestracji: 29/07/2022
Termin składania prac: 29/07/2022
Miasto: Buenos Aires
Kraj: Argentyna

The monumental structure of the Silos, located in Buenos Aires on the Eastern side of Puerto Madero, is one of the few port constructions that persist in the neighbourhood and the only one that has not yet been recovered.

Its condition of “Industrial Ruin” gives it a sort of special charm, completely different from that of the newest constructions around it. The state of deep degradation, which strongly clashes with a context of glass buildings, seems like a kind of desperate call for attention not to forget its existence.

The main dilemma lies in defining what kind of intervention would be able to give a new life to a structure that could no longer resume its original function. What program would suitably adapt to such a particular building? Undoubtedly, the conservation of this colossal artifact requires a singular sensitivity, capable of valuing its most important characteristics with an innovative approach.

This ideas competition, addressed to architects, designers and creatives from all over the world, aims to imagine the rehabilitation of the Silos in a creative and unprecedented way. The main purpose is to revitalize them through original concepts, capable of revaluing both the interior spaces and their image towards the city.

Silos Buenos Aires encourages participants to think out of the box and to experiment with provocative ideas, without any fear of revolutionizing the current state of the abandoned complex.

  • The competition is open to students, architects, designers, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers, activists and anyone interested in the fields of design and architecture.
  • Participants can join the competition either individually or with a team.
  • Please click on “Register Now” and follow the instructions.

More: https://www.terravivacompetitions.com/silos-buenos-aires-competition-2022/

Dodano: 28/04/2022


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