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OUT & ABOUT - Discovering Architecture. EUmies Awards 2022

Typ: Wystawy
Data od: 04/05/2022
Data do: 29/05/2022
Miasto: różne miasta europejskie
Out & About. Discovering Architecture. EUmies Awards 2022” will take place next May in over 25 European cities in which shortlisted works of the prize are located. Organised by Creative Europe, Fundació Mies van der Rohe and the indisputable expertise of Guiding Architects, citizens will have the opportunity to know much more about projects in their cities or in places that they are visiting with the authors, clients and people who know them well.
  • The 40 Shortlisted works of the EUmies Awards 2022, located over 25 European cities, will open their doors during the month of May.
  • The authors and promoters of the 40 shortlisted works of the prize have been invited to organise events in their projects and share their experiences with everybody.
  • Guided tours, lectures and exploring the backstage of buildings will allow citizens to discover what makes an architecture project.


CALENDAR & RESERVATIONS: https://eumiesaward.com/agenda/2022/show/98

Dodano: 09/05/2022


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