Wydarzenia architektoniczne Kwiecień 20, 2023

UIA World Congress 2023 CPH: Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind

Typ: Konferencje i spotkania
Data od: 02/06/2023
Data do: 06/06/2023
Miasto: Kopenhaga


The world congress will focus on how architecture can be a central tool in achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and explore how innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration can bring real sustainable change to the built environment.

Key stakeholders from all corners of the built environment: Professionals from both Danish and international architectural companies, urban developers, real estate and commercial investors will convene with scientists, students, NGOs and politicians.

UIA currently represents more than 100 countries and around 1.3 million architects. The countries are gathered into 5 geographical regions with member sections representing areas or countries in each region. 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of UIA, which has grown from its initial 27 delegations to more than 100 member countries today, comprising all continents of the world.

The Congress, whose theme is Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind, presents an overview of all confirmed sessions and speakers, as well as information regarding event timetabling. Each session is linked to at least one of the key themes of the Congress: Climate Adaptation, Health, Inclusivity, Next Gen, Partnerships for Change, Resilient Communities and Rethinking Resources. 

Information is also available about after-hours events and tours, as well as academic paper presentations.

Reduced price tickets, with further concessions for students, are available until 31 May 2023.

Dodano: 20/04/2023


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